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6 Photos That Are Sure To Make You Cringe * 2

The wonders of the Internet have brought us some of the greatest and funniest images of all time, from epic gifs to remarkable photography. There are some pictures, however, that would make anyone stop and think twice about what exactly it is they are seeing. Such pictures can be manipulated or totally accidental – you can decide for yourself if the ones on this list were intentional or not. Here are twenty pictures that will either make you laugh or cry, but most definitely will make you cringe.


Balls Out




Romantic or Creepy?




We would all really like to know what exactly this dude was thinking when he decided to pay someone cash money for this catastrophe. Staring at yourself making out with your significant other may not be the best way to go, buddy. Let’s at least hope that his lady friend had a good sense of humor about it.

The Pain of Defeat


Sports fans everywhere seem to be having a really tough go of it on this list. Context might tell us that the two fine gents in this picture were simply reacting to a bad game, but in the still-frame from that moment, we are instead left with what looks like a horribly compromising position.

You Had To Stand Like That?



Kids go to parks with their parents. Parents watch over their kids while playing. Kids get thirsty or hot and go to grab some water. Dads make sure their kids are okay. All perfectly reasonable. What on earth possessed this guy to stand that way while directly in front of a fountain at a particular height on the wall, though, we have no idea.


Lacking Grace


Figure skating already gets a bad rap for being one of the most flashy and flamboyant competitive sports out there, but this is something else entirely. In the middle of what we are sure is a very difficult pose, one photographer was at precisely the wrong angle.

Olympic Pain


We get it. It’s hard work being an athlete and even more stressful to be in the international spotlight. So with the whole world watching, maybe you might want to think twice before touching certain parts of yourself on camera, no matter whether clothing was involved or not.


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