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6 Shocking Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disaster * 1

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein



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Wow, just look how beautiful Jocelyn Wildenstein is in her younger years!

What a shame she had to go and ruin her looks, surely she would have aged well looking like she did.

Now she resembles something not from this planet, bad plastic surgeon, no!

2. Amanda Lepore


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After having sex reassignment surgery at the early age of 19, Amanda Lepore has continued with body transformations ever since.

Unfortunately the surgery has now gone a step too far and produced quite freakish looks.

3. Jackie Stone


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The mother of Sylvester Stallone has regretted her surgery over the years

4. Mickey Rourke



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Back in his youth most women wouldn’t have minded a bit of Mickey Rourke, but these days he’s looking more like an extra in a horror film, than a leading male star idolised for his dashing good looks and physique.

To be fair to him, a lot of surgery was due to his boxing career that would take it’s toll an anyone’s looks, but the botox lip injections is definitely one step too far.

5. Melanie Griffith


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The image of Melanie on the left shows just how beautiful she was, so you can see why she wanted to hold onto her looks as she aged.

However she went about it the wrong way and now has obvious traces of surgery all over her face and it has done her no favours in the ageing gracefully department.


6. Donatella Versace


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Donatella Versace’s face has certainly gone through a few transformations over the years.

She had her first plastic surgery operation in 2002 and she hasn’t stopped since.

The most striking is her over-sized lips and her wrinkle free face for her age which looks far from natural.

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