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7 Celebs Who Think Photoshop Is Totally Necessary!

Kim Kardashian


Kim K. is beautiful in person, on TV and in picture, but what we see in those photos may not be entirely Kim, rather the use of some pretty crafty photo editing. Hey, so much for embracing your imperfections gurl…

Britney Spears



Ohhh, Britney Spears. We love your music, nostalgia factor, and looks, but for some reason, the latter is frequently edited to a degree that goes way past normal.





The Material Girl is aging gracefully, but she doesn’t want the world to know that she has aged at all.
And thanks to today’s fabulous-ness of photoshop, Madonna can always be the young and daring rocker the world fell in love with way WAY back when.


Megan Fox



While the Transformers beauty has had a little bit of nose work done in the way of plastic surgery, she uses Photoshop to help her reduce other blemishes, including acne scarring. Who knew…


George Clooney


The fellas do it, too!

And that includes former People magazine Sexiest Man Alive award winner George Clooney. While George may be the sexiest 60 something year old we seen EVER, he doesn’t€ seem to mind a touch-up or two.

Katy Perry



Katy Perry was heavily airbrushed for her Rolling Stone cover. Her complexion was evened, the lines on her stomach removed, legs slimmed down, and boobs plumped up. Is it really THAT bad to not be perfect..?

Tyra Banks



Tyra has been in the industry for a long time now, and the supermodel and host of America’s Next Top Model uses photo shop to touch up photos with no shame in her game. It is clear to see that Tyra smooth’s her skin, minimizes pores, reduces lines and wrinkles and uses a few other tricks and techniques with her photo-editing capabilities.


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