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7 Fun Ideas for Your Perfect Wedding Day * 2

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Your wedding, whenever it may happen, could be within the top five most important days you’re going to have in your entire life. It has to be perfect for everyone involved, especially the bride and groom, who will go through the painstaking tasks of setting everything up beforehand. However, just because it’s such an important day doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of fun with it, too. There are plenty of ideas floating around to ensure everyone has a nice time, a couple of laughs, and some memorable photographs in the end.




There will probably be children coming to the wedding on either side of the family, so having something to entertain them at dinner would be beneficial to everyone. Throw some crayons and bits of candy on their table to keep them happy.

Ball Pit


Let your inner child run wild, or your drunken self, either one. A ball pit is a colorful reminder of the days gone by that you can still enjoy. Be sure not to let anyone drown in the ball pit from being too drunk, though.



Mad-libs are hilarious no matter what the word combination ends up being. Make one specifically for your wedding and bring on the laughs as soon as possible.




Hand out sparklers when you’re walking down the aisle, especially for a night-time wedding, to give the entire event a festive look. The colors and flaring lights will be easily remembered by everyone in attendance.

Painted Ceremony


Have an artist sit in the back of the ceremony and paint the entire scene on a nice, large canvas. Your new husband or wife will love remembering that special day every time they pass by the painting at home.


Anniversary Pinata


Instead of using a guest book, make an anniversary pinata to break open one your one-year anniversary. Allow guests to include a little note, joke, message, prediction, or a piece of encouragement for the happy couple.


Ageless Flower Girls


Instead of going for the traditional child flower girls, ask your grandmother or aging aunt to play the role instead. Let the old bird walk down the aisle once more and toss those colored petals around the room.

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