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Celebrity Images We Know Were Photoshopped * 1

If it was not for the paparazzi and celebrity selfies, we might believe that celebrities look as good as they appear on magazines, press release photos, movie covers and more. The truth is often times these images of celebrities are photoshopped to make they look better than they actually do. There are even celebrities who altered their own photos! Here are 21 different celebrities altered via Photoshop.

1 – Miranda Kerr



Anyone that sees Miranda Kerr can admit that she is a very fit and beautiful woman. Why would someone who looks as lovely as her feel the need to make her waist appear smaller than it is? The photo on the left is the original photo and she looks fabulous. Apparently, she thought it necessary to trim herself even more.


2 – Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner must have been taking a picture for her sister’s playbook when she posted this picture of her in a bikini and it is obviously altered. Just look at her legs, it is hard to miss all of the pixilation along her thighs. Anyone who has seen the original knows it was not necessary.


3 – Aubrey O’Day


Aubrey O’Day has a great figure. Perhaps instead of turning to photoshopping her picture to make her waist look thinner she should have picked an outfit that had more slimming lines to it. If you look closely, you can even see that her necklace is slightly curved. You can also see how the edge of the photo on the right is not straight like the photo on the left. It has a curve to it that is rather obvious.

4 – Tina Fey


Tina Fey looks good normally but in this cover photo, it is obvious that there are alterations. Her skin is positively flawless, showing not a single wrinkle or flaw. Either she underwent tremendous plastic surgery or they went a big crazy making her look younger, including thinning her hips.

5 – Lorde



Lorde is a talented singer and she is also young. When this magazine cover came out, Lorde called the magazine and its editors out for altering her appearance. As Lorde saw it, they gave her a new nose, along with making sure her complexion and skin was utter perfection.


6 – Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis is young and beautiful. On this cover of Glamour magazine however, someone went a little crazy with his or her artistic freedoms. Her head does not appear to fit her body properly, it actually looks too big for her body, and they overly contoured her cheekbones.


7 – Fergie


Fergie knows how to work what she has physically. She has a beautiful face and one that is quite recognizable, so what happened to this photo of her on the cover of Glamour magazine? Her face is so smooth, wrinkle-free, and altered that she is hard to recognize. Is it possible they altered her legs as well? Look how thin they look.


8 – Sarah Jessica Parker


Sex and the City fans know what their beloved Carrie Bradshaw looks like. The photo editors at Harper’s Bazaar went a tad crazy when they decided to contour Sarah Jessica Parker’s face. She almost looks like another person. Her skin is so smooth it could be porcelain.


Celebrities may look perfect in every single picture that we see, but the truth is, what you see may not always be real.
Though most celebrities are born with natural graces and amazingly good looks (or atleast have the cash to buy it), NO ONE is immune to bad skin, weight gain or aging.

And while a little Photoshop sorcery goes a long way, some celebrities just LOVE Photoshop SO much it might be hard to tell who they are in person.


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