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Daniella Cicarelli‬

Daniella Cicarelli Lemos (born November 6, 1978) is a former TV show hostess for MTV Brasil and fashion model. She was engaged to Brazilian footballer Ronaldo for three months in 2005.


In September 2006, a video of Cicarelli having sex with her boyfriend on a beach in Tarifa, Spain was shot by paparazzo Miguel Temprano and broadcast on the TV show Dolce Vita on the Spanish station Telecinco. The video was spread around the internet, with Cicarelli was granted legal injunctions against YouTube and other websites, leading to several Brazilian ISPs blocking YouTube. In January 2007 after a legal decision, YouTube was blocked in Brazil for two days, resulting in 5.7 million users being blocked. This decision was criticized by internet watch groups for being an extremely selfish act. This happened when Cicarelli worked as a host on MTV Brasil, provoking a torrent of nearly 80,000 emails protesting against the blockade and her legal actions. Some people even went to the building of the TV station to protest.

In 2007, YouTube won the case, based on the fact that there is no expectation of privacy on a public beach. Cicarelli appealed and in 2008 the Supreme Court of the state of São Paulo changed the decision, based on the fact there is no public interest in that video and there was privacy invasion. The lawsuit isn’t finished yet, because YouTube appealed and now wait for the judgment by the Federal Supreme Court. YouTube remains active in Brazil.


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