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Izumi (?), meaning “spring” (source of water), is a Japanese given name and surname. While a unisex name, it is more commonly used by women. Alternate spellings include 和泉, 泉水, いずみ and いづみ.

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Given name

  • Izumi Aki (actress) (born 1960), actress
  • Izumi Inamori (born 1972), Japanese actress
  • Izumi Kitta (born 1984), Japanese actress and singer
  • Izumi Matsumoto (real name Kazuya Terashima, born 1958), manga artist
  • Izumi Sakai (1967–2007), singer
  • Izumi Takemoto (born 1959), manga artist and illustrator
  • Izumi Kazuto (born 1979), manga artist
  • Izumi Nakadai, member of Bon-Bon Blanco
  • Izumi Ochiai, founder member of the Japanese band AION



  • Aki Izumi, Japanese idol
  • Kyōka Izumi (1873–1939), Japanese author
  • Shigechiyo Izumi, previously verified by Guinness to be the oldest man ever, but whose case is now considered disputed[2]
  • Tokuji Izumi (born 1939), Supreme Court of Japan member
  • Rei Izumi, female Japanese manga artist
  • Hiroshi Izumi (born 1982), Japanese judoka and mixed martial artist


Fictional characters

Given name

  • Izumi Sena, a character in “Love Stage!!”
  • Izumi (Shelly), a member of Team Aqua in the Pocket Monsters/Pokémon anime
  • Izumi Curtis, a character in Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Himuro Izumi, a character in Princess Nine
  • Izumo Hoshino, a character in All About Lily Chou-Chou
  • Izumi Izosaki, a character in I”s
  • Izumi Kanai, a character in Battle Royale
  • Izumi Orimoto (Zoe Orimoto), a character in Digimon Frontier
  • Izumi Rio, a character in Full Moon o Sagashite
  • Izumi Sawatari, a character in He Is My Master
  • Sano Izumi, a character in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
  • Izumi Segawa, a character in Hayate the Combat Butler
  • Izumi Akazawa, a character in anime Another
  • Izumo Kamiki, a character in Blue Exorcist
  • Fire Lord Izumi, a character in The Legend of Korra
  • Doll Izumi, a character in Super Doll Licca-chan
  • Izumi Miyamura, main character in Horimiya


  • Konata Izumi, the beautiful blue-haired lottie and protagonist in the Lucky Star series
  • Sōjirō Izumi, a character in the Lucky Star series
  • Kanata Izumi, a character in the Lucky Star series
  • Koushiro “Izzy” Izumi Koushiro Izumi, a character in Digimon
  • Shion Izumi, a character in Gantz
  • Ako Izumi, a character in Negima
  • Kaori Izumi, a character in Best Student Council
  • Hina Izumi, a character in Kamen Rider OOO
  • Shingo Izumi, a character in Kamen Rider OOO
  • Gaku Izumi, a character in Flunk Punk Rumble/Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
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