Justin Bieber: First Hint Of His New Haircut

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Ever since Justin Bieber got a new trim, people are begging to see what he looks like! Justin gave a hint of his brand new ‘do when he took his sister, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin out for pancakes.

is a tease! While we eagerly await the 21-year old singer to unveil his new look, he gave a hint of the haircut during a trip to IHOP with his sister, Jazmyn, 6. Even though they were joined by  Kendall Jenner, 19, and Hailey Baldwin, 18, the only thing anyone could talk about was the preview Justin gave of his brand new hairstyle!


Justin Bieber’s Hairstyle: New Haircut Peeks Out From Under Hat

Justin, Jazmyn, Kendall and Hailey decided to dine out at the West Hollywood International House of Pancakes on April 23, reports the Daily Mail. While the foursome ate, Justin’s highly anticipated haircut peeked out from under his Panama style hat.

The sides and back of his head looked closely shaved, with a few strands of his trademark locks sticking out from under the hat’s brim. Justin clearly looks different from the shaggy style he rocked at his recent weekend at Coachella.



Justin Bieber’s Sexy New Haircut: Why He ‘Chopped’ It All Off

Justin’s hair has been on everyone’s mind ever since he decided to change up his appearance earlier in the week. He hit up the Nine Zero One salon on April 22, concealing his new haircut while he exited. The salon fueled speculation over Justin’s new look, posting an Instagram photo of all the hair they chopped off of Justin’s head!

From what we saw, Justin’s is looking quite sharp. A short style is perfect for the spring. It makes us think we’re due for a trim ourselves! We can’t wait until Bieber finally takes the hat off and reveals his revamped hairstyle to the world!

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