Kim Chiu on Gerald Anderson-Maja Salvador breakup: Leave me out of it

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“I wish people would leave me out of it. It’s their decision. They’re asking for privacy. Let’s just give it to them,” said actress Kim Chiu when show biz reporters sought her reaction to the news that her ex-beau and former screen partner Gerald Anderson has broken up with actress Maja Salvador.

Kim reconciled with Maja, her former best friend, in May 2014, a year after their highly publicized tiff over Gerald. “[Maja and I] are okay now. You can see this through the photos we have been posting [on our social media accounts],” Kim said during the press conference for “Chinita Princess,” her sophomore album, produced by Star Music.

Kim has asked the media to “simply let them be. Let’s respect what they are going through—it’s not easy.”

Asked whether she has any advice for Maja, Kim replied: “I have yet to see her, but I know she can handle this. She’s a very strong person. She also has a lot of friends around her who are always happy and provide her with positive energy.”

Kim also has this to say to other women who are mending broken hearts: “Every struggle in life will make you a better person. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from my own heartbreak was to never regret anything that has happened. My experiences made me stronger. Problems, be it about love, family or work, are all part of growing up.”


You’re a popular actress, and now, a recording artist. What else do you want to accomplish?

This album is merely a gift for all those who have been supporting me all this time. After eight years (“Gwa Ai Di,” 2007), I’m back with another record, which I also produced. I consider being involved in record production part of growing up in this industry. I’m glad I was given a chance to express my opinion. At least, the songs here are more personal.

Is it your decision to not include sad or melancholic songs in the lineup?

Yes, I just want it to have a very positive vibe. The album reflects my current state of mind. I want to urge people not to dwell on sad things for longer than necessary. Life goes on.

What’s your reaction to (screen partner) Xian Lim’s public greeting on your birth anniversary?

I called him to personally thank him. Aside from sending me a text greeting and calling me, he also posted a long message for me on Instagram. It feels good to have this special treatment from a guy.

Xian is very giving, even if he doesn’t really have to be. He likes to surprise me. We haven’t spent time together lately because I’ve been very busy with promoting the album.

This “special” relationship with Xian has been going on for over a year. Will that change ?

Let’s just leave it at that. What’s important is that we’re happy when we’re together. We’re very content with where we’re at.

Do you plan to perform in a big venue like the Araneta Coliseum, just like fellow ABS-CBN artist Alex Gonzaga?

I really don’t know yet. I just want to go where the wind takes me. I’m the type who just works very hard, whatever I have at the moment. I don’t want to expect anything because I don’t want to be disappointed when things don’t go my way.

(“Chinita Princess” will be launched on “ASAP” on Sunday. Its nationwide release will be on April 27. Kim will be at SM General Santos City on April 26 and on the 27th, at Ayala Center




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