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Lady Gaga Reveals Her Green Thumb

Written by 1meee

Lady Gaga has many personas — one minute she’s dabbling in performance art, the next she’s putting on her jazz crooner hat, and then she’s doing her best rendition of Maria from The Sound of Music. And now, as spring rears its floral head, Lady Gaga has added yet another persona to her list: Lady Gaga, The Gardener.

She posted a photo of herself on Instagram on her massive farm land.


She is the Queen, and her pet Asia Kinney is apparently a loyal subject, per her own caption: “Asia is the queen assistant of gardening, her hobby!”

And Gaga clearly isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty for the wee sprouts. “Taking care of my vegetables for the summer,” she wrote. “They’re just babies!” Spoken like a true Mother (Vegetable) Monster.


We always salute celebs who pick up a new useful hobby in the name of self sufficiency. We especially tip our hats to celebs who enjoy the farm life (look no further than our carefully curated list of celebrity chicken farmers), but it is an odd time to pick up a hobby involving a green thumb in California, given the drought and its corresponding ominous forecast. With Californians forced to adhere to water restrictions, Gaga’s got to stay within the state’s limitations, which could mean a less fruitful gardening season (but good news for Gaga — environmentalist Kip Anderson told Yahoo News that farming plants uses less water than “animal agriculture”). So even though gardening is better than, say, raising her own cattle, here’s hoping Gaga isn’t frivolously wasting gallons of precious gallons of water for the sake of being the Queen of Gardening.



And besides she should remember: there is only One and True Queen of Celebrity Gardening who shall sit on the green throne and wear the flower crown, and that is Oprah. You can’t beat Oprah when it comes to gardening, but we applaud Gaga for getting down in the dirt anyway.



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