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Sasha Meneghel ( 18 Photo )

Sasha Meneghel Szafir (born July 28, 1998 in Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian model, actress and athlete.



Sasha is the only daughter of TV host, singer and businesswoman Xuxa Meneghel and of the actor Luciano Szafir. She grew up on the spotlight, having her first minutes of life displayed by the primetime news program Jornal Nacional. Her birth became the most documented in the history of Brazil, according to magazine Veja.

Sasha grew up presented in DVDs of her famous mother – Xuxa só para Baixinhos, in 2009 she starred in her first feature film in Xuxa em O Mistério de Feiurinha directed by Tizuka Yamasaki.

Currently Szafir is a volleyball player for the team of Clube de Regatas do Flamengo. In 2011, she was convened by CBV (Brazilian Volleyball Confederation) for a period of training with the Brazilian national team Sub-19.


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