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The Subtle Selfie Award Goes to These 7 A+ Winners * 1

Most members of the selfie-snapping public try to go about their disgusting business in a discreet fashion. But we’ve found some who have no shame.


1. A belfie/selfie hybrid – we can’t quite work out what this young lass is taking a photo of.



2. Poser Selfie – This lad just wants to discover which side of his face his the stronger.




3. Shopping Selfie – This women is petrified of her own reflection.



4. Kiss selfie – is that a guy taking a piss in the background?



5. Madface  Selfie  – My God, what have we become?



6. High Flyer Selfie – If your gonna take a selfie then by all means do it at 10,000 ft …




7. The grotesque Rick Mayall selfie – it’s a strong look.



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