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Worst Photoshop Fails Ever. How Embarrassing! * 2

Sitting Comfortably


This sad, sad story about Candice here is one I wanted to pass up… but it needs to be told. Ever since Candice was a small child she was always uncomfortable sitting down. After years of raising funds she finally got the butt implants that she wanted. She took her air bags out of her 1987 Ford Taurus and had them inflated and surgically implanted so that she could finally sit down with comfort. It’s a sad story with a happy ending.

After the implants she started dating a man named Anthony Ray. This man later became known as the popular MC “Sir Mix-A-Lot”. He is most widely known for his song “Baby got back”.


Look At These Hands


George found out the guy named Joe kept bothering his girlfriend on Facebook. George is actually a relatively small fellow (surprise) , but after a little time in photoshop that all changed. Now with his new picture he looks like a completely legit body builder with giant hands and unproportionate body parts.

George sent this picture to Joe with a caption saying, “Stay away from my girl… or else.” Joe just laughed and posted it on the internet… Thanks Joe.

Camo Goddess



This poor girl was so terribly out of shape to begin with that she needed photoshop to make her look this pretty. The small adjustment on her stomach made a world of a difference in everyone’s eyes. Guys finally started noticing her because before the photoshop she was just a loser… but not any more. I can hardly believe this camo goddess is actually an overweight, ugly, totally different looking person in her other pictures. Thank god for photoshop right?

I mean maybe she could make her waist even smaller? Like the width of her wrist? THEN she will be perfect… All kidding aside, why does this girl need photoshop?




For Jimmy’s whole life everything seemed a bit… off. He would have trouble walking because he always felt like he couldn’t balance. Something was always pulling him to the right. Every time he drank from a glass it shattered, but only when it was in his right hand. Since then Jimmy stopped using his right arm for anything, he won’t even hold his phone in his right hand because he’s scared to crush it like the glasses in the past.

During his teen years he noticed he could lift hundreds of pounds… but only with his right arm. His left arm just couldn’t keep up. Jimmy was born with one arm 4 times bigger than the other. It’s a condition he has to live with everyday.

These Eyes



This photo-shopper was editing pics before photoshop. She went all the way back to Microsoft Paint. Paint, as you may know, is the best photo editing software ever made. The creation of photoshop was a terrible idea because paint is so much better. As you can see in this photo, this girl looks completely normal with her blurred glowing skin and her black and white misshapen eyes.

My friend was trying to tell me that this picture looks fake?! He clearly has no idea what he’s talking about. This is a photo editor’s dream.




I’m not even going to pretend that this is okay. What on earth is going on here? He looks like his hair is melting on to his face. Did this guy actually try to convince his friends that this was real? Like, “Bro I don’t even have photoshop, what are you talking about?” and his friend just unfriended him on Facebook and never talked to him again.

In addition, I like how he didn’t edit his abs. In his mind the abs were okay, its just the neck and hair that need to change.



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