Worst Photoshop Fails Ever. How Embarrassing!

1. Ride Or Die

Jake here needed a way to convince his friends and family he wasn’t single for Valentines day. To prepare, he was bragging about his new hot girlfriend weeks before valentines day. Then his time to shine finally came. Jake spent all of February 13th in photoshop, making sure everything was perfect. Happy with his work, he released this picture to his friends and family, and more importantly… to the internet. Even after all of his planning, no one believed him. Maybe it was because she looks like she’s outside, yet he looks like he’s inside. Oh well. What matters here is that he tried his best.

Ride Or Die 2015

Unfortunately his friends and family still give him grief for being single for so long. Maybe some day Jake will find his true love and can uninstall photoshop and never look back. Until then, we hope to see more of his lovely work go viral!

2. Shades And Abs


We gotta give Mark a break. He’s new to his high school and he has no friends. All of the popular kids in the school are ripped and wear sunglasses. He’s just trying to fit in. Plus this girl in his algebra class, Jessica, is really cute and nice. The problem is, she likes buff guys. BINGO. A light clicked on in Mark’s head and he realized that she doesn’t know what he looks like with out a shirt on! He rushes home to download photoshop and watch some tutorials. The tutorial he chose only had 622 views on Youtube, but he doesn’t care. He just has to hurry and get his picture done so he can put it on Facebook!

Shades And Abs 2015


I’ll cut to the end of the story… Mark didn’t get the girl or the popularity. But he did learn a lesson. He learned that you cant cheat and try to make others like you. Luckily he got some internet fame from it though!

3. The Wall Bender


In the early 2000′s this was the trend. Having outrageous hair accompanied by an enormous chest. Sandra was only gifted with one of those things. “But what will other people think?” Sandra thought. She decided she was going to do something about it and show everyone what she’s got. She made her bust so big, in fact, that it bent walls everywhere she went (unbeknownst to her). Unfortunately she snapped a picture right as the wall bent in this photo.

Sandra has grown up since this picture, and she relies on her killer personality to impress others. She changed the hair back to normal a few years ago and now she’s just fine with her “assets”.

The Wall Bender 2015



4. Macho Man


Macho Man 2015


Walter saw Mark’s photo and thought, “His mistake was in the sunglasses… that’s all.” Plus he was too skinny to pull off some big boy abs! Walter was determined to show the world that he could fix Mark’s mistakes and claim his crown as the king of photoshop. First step: NO SUNGLASSES. That’ll help. Next step: find some dude who has been working out his whole life and copy paste his abs on my stomach. Final step: Show the world and bask in my glory.


Walter made his dreams come true, and that’s all that matters here. In addition, Walter’s mom said, “Oh Walter, this looks great… now wash your hands, supper is ready.”

5. No One Is Perfect

While this may look like a mistake to the common eye, it was all done intentionally. Cindy was tired of the stigma that girls needed to be perfect all of the time. She wanted to break down those walls and prove that you can be beautiful even if you need a special bra. She is creating a fad, actually. Girls all over the world will one day see this picture and know what true self confidence is. They’ll say, “I might not be perfect, but neither is Cindy and she’s internet famous.”

No One Is Perfect 2015


Okay, you weren’t going to believe that right? Cindy is just an air-head and forgot to photoshop the other half! Come on Cindy, get it together.

6. Gloves Of Power


Gloves Of Power


Kenny has a story that will be passed down through generations. Long story short, he found these gloves in the forrest after a lightning storm. When he put on the gloves he instantly gained enormous amounts of strength and beauty. His face turned into a chiseled perfect face… one that Channing Tatum would be jealous of. His muscles grew huge, too big to fit in this photo.

Naturally Kenny had to shrink his arms to fit them into his new profile picture. That’s the only reason the blinds look weird.





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